Qualifications and Training

  • Bradford University: BA (Hons) Interdisciplinary Human Studies (First class) – philosophy, sociology, psychology, literature and logic
  • Publishing Training Centre (PTC): Basic Proofreading (Merit)
  • Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP): Proofreading Theses and Dissertations; Word for Practical Editing
  • PTC: Adobe Tools for Editors; Successful Editorial Freelancing; What is Copy-editing?
  • Cambridge ESOL Level 5 Certificate – CELTA
  • NCFE Level 3 Award in Education and Training with a focus on ESOL
  • ELT-TRAINING.COM: Grammar for Language Teachers
  • Permaculture Design Certificate


  • I have experience of proofreading and proof-editing a wide range of materials – from academic journal papers to blog essays, content for web pages to business documents and magazine articles. I have worked with a variety of clients to ensure that their written material is free from errors and consistent in content and presentation, including the formulation of style sheets and guides where necessary.
  • My academic background is in the humanities and social sciences with an interdisciplinary degree within which I focused on philosophy. This honed my analytical, writing and critical reading skills and gave me a keen eye for identifying ambiguity and inconsistency.
  • I am CELTA qualified with a great interest in language learning and grammar. A self-taught and still-learning Hindi speaker, I understand the difficulties of communicating in a second (or third) language.
  • My main area of intellectual interest and independent reading is India. I have been visiting and learning about the subcontinent for over 30 years and have spent time living there. I enjoy reading about Indian history, current affairs, politics, religions, culture and philosophy.
  • My experience of spending time immersed in learning about another culture has enhanced my ability to engage with different perspectives. I am able to work in a way that respects and understands a writer’s intentions while working with them to improve the clarity, coherence and flow of their writing.
  • Trained in permaculture design, I have a good understanding of its theoretical underpinning and a growing interest in sustainability, which informs every area of my life.

Other than the above specialisms, I have a general love of learning (reflected in my earlier career choice as a home-educator) and am happy to turn my expertise in improving texts to a wide range of subjects.

You can view my profile on the Publishing Training Centre’s Freelance Finder by clicking here.

Contact Me for a free sample of my work and to discuss your individual needs. Send an email to: rachel@duncanproofreading.com